Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Midweek Rant

I work at a large department store, as a janitor. Yesterday (October 13th), I walked out from the back (where the housekeeping “office” is located) and noticed people were already putting Christmas decorations up in the store – lights, wreaths, red and green wallpaper. It was a truly sickening sight. I’ve worked here for a little over a year (meaning I dealt with this shit last year too). However, as bad as it is that they have the decorations up, some Christmas merchandise already for sale on the floor (as well as a shit load of fake trees out back), the worst part has yet to come – the music. Starting in about two weeks, all I will hear when I get to work is Christmas music; from the end of October until December 24th (amazingly they close on Christmas).

Last year, I heard the mixing in of Christmas songs at the end of October, and at first it wasn’t bad, considering the shitty music I’m forced to listen to on a regular basis. The X-Mas music began playing more and more often, until it was all that was playing. For two months it’s all I heard at work (along with the usual annoying customers and children). By Thanksgiving, I was already sick of Christmas and the season. I used to love Christmas, it was a great time to see family, eat food and exchange gifts. Now, I dread the time of year because before Halloween the Christmas “spirit” is getting shoved down my throat. Fuck you for ruining Christmas, you fucks.

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