Friday, June 26, 2009

June 25th Sucked

I'm so glad today is my birthday because yesterday completely sucked. First off I had to work and during it my friends texted me saying Micheal Jackson died. I'm surprised I didn't cry. I had to hold myself together. I've never been a huge fan of pop, but the black Micheal had some great songs including A.B.C, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, and my personal favorite Billie Jean. Everytime I hear that song I get up and dance because the kid is not my son.

Second I found out that my favorite hockey player ever, Sergei Fedorov, signed a two-year deal in KHL which means his career in the NHL is done. I knew this day was coming because he has been playing for almost 20 years, but I still wasn't prepared. Now I can no longer watch him raise the cup. Once he retires, Detroit better retire his jersey, and if he is not a first ballot hall of famer, i'll be shocked. Yesterday really sucked, hardcore. Thankfully those did not happen on my birthday. Here are a couple links to remind people of the days when these men were god,

Billie Jean video:

Sergei Fedorov Highlights