Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jersey Shore Drinking Game

With all this hype and marketing of the season premiere of the new season of Jersey Shore that debuted this past thursday, which by the way had 5.3 Million Viewers!!, I thought I chime in with my two cents and offer up the great Jersey Shore Drinking Game.

Rule #1: Anytime the word "Situation" is said.
Rule #2: Anytime there is Fist-pumping.
Rule #3: Anytime there is a reference to grenades, land mines, etc.
Rule #4: Anytime nicknames are used, snooki, snickers, sammi sweetheart, jwoww, etc.
Rule #5: Anytime a form of the word creep is said.
Rule #6: Anytime G.T.L. is said.
Rule #7: Anytime Ronnie says Bro.
Rule #8: Anytime guido/guidette is referenced.
Rule #9: When someone goes to jail.
Rule #10: Anytime Snooki gets punched in the face.

Below are some great clips of the show, check em out.