Monday, August 31, 2009

The Smoking Gun

Now normally not alot of shit happens here in Orono, ME, but apparently 2 college students were able to get it on ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Here at the relatively quiet Univsity of Maine, news travels fast and these students are now front page news on The Smoking Gun. Here is the link,

This story is awesome!!! What makes this story even funnier is that I know the dude, he was my roommate freshmen year and we went high school together. He must feel like a douche. I'm just here laughing my ass off. I found this story out yesterday and still haven't stopped laughing. Everyone here on campus is talking about it. They were doing it on the side of the road at 5:45 am. How dumb is that? Seriously, apparently somebody didn't learn too much at school.

I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as i do. Oh by the way, when the court date happens this story will get better when the test comes back positive and he gets the news that he is a father.

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