Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Top 15 Pearl Jam Songs

My top fifteen Pearl Jam songs. This was an extremely tough list to make; originally, this was going to be a top five, then top ten but because of Pearl Jam’s awesomeness it was extended to fifteen. There are no write-ups for any of the songs, as my words would not do them justice, just listen to the music.

15. Betterman - Vitalogy

14. W.M.A. – Vs.

13. State of Love and Trust – Singles soundtrack

12. Alive - Ten

11. Marker in the Sand – Pearl Jam

10. Corduroy – Vitalogy

9. Go – Vs.

8. Gone – Pearl Jam

7. Leash - Vs.

6. Indifference – Vs.

5. Do the Evolution - Yield

4. Black - Ten

3. Porch - Ten

2. Given to Fly - Yield

1. Yellow Ledbetter – Lost Dogs

They are the best band of my lifetime. Next week I will post my top Pearl Jam covers

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