Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How Turrible the NBA Final Four Will Be

I can not express how deeply saddened I am as a Boston Celtics fan to watch the rest of the NBA playoffs. Scratch that, I will not be watching the NBA playoffs anymo. I HATE the LAKERS, I HATE the LEBRONS, I HATE the ORLANDO THREE-POINTERS, and I don't really like the NUGGETS. If I have to root for someone it would have to be the Nuggets. That team intrigues me becasue of the BIRDMAN and MELO. Birdmans' tattoos are sweet and his hairdo is awesome. I've really jumped on his bandwagon, and I would take Melo' over any of the other draft picks from 2003. The only thing though is that they have to play the Lakers and I can not watch that, unless they are up 24 in LA and beating the Celtics during the NBA Finals. I despise how everyone thinks Sasha "A road cone can play better defense than me" Vujacic is good or the fact that Odom, Bynum or Gasol are excellent players. They are all overrated and don't even get me started on Kobe's new movie. (Kobe just come out and say that you are the most selfish player in the NBA and got away with rape.)

Now onto to the Eastern Conference, this is the worst match-up ever. I do not want to see Anderson Varejo slap anymo butts. Honestly if one of his teammates falls down on the other side of the court, he rushes over and picks him up and slaps his ass. Just come out Brah, seriously. The Magic think they have the best center in the league in Duh...Duh...Duh-White Howard, but he sucks. All they do is shoot three pointers, they are the Dukies of the NBA. He-Doo Turk-A-Glue needs to go back to Europe. So as the the NBA season wines down, and nobody is watching the NBA finals because when it's Kobe vs. Lebron, (this match-up was already pre-determined by Stern and Donaghy after the Olympics) I'll be watching the NHL playoffs and watchin my Red Wings repeat.

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