Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Office Drinking Game

This might be the greatest drinking game ever. A few buddies of mine came up with this game last year in college, and I felt it necessary to post the rules to this game. It's very simple, all you have to do is drink every time one of these rules happens. If you love The Office, this game is definitely worth playing.

Rule 1: Anytime anyone looks at the camera.
Rule 2: Anytime someone does a confessional.
Rule 3: Anytime Micheal Scott makes an awkward situation.
Rule 4: Anytime Dwight says fact, question, or MICHEAL!!!
Rule 5: Anytime Jim plays a prank on Dwight.
Rule 6: Anytime Andy references Cornell, sings a song, or refers to Jim as Tuna.
Rule 7: Anytime Ryan is referred to as "The Temp".
Rule 8: Anytime Pam says "Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam" or someone mentions that she failed art school.
Rule 9: Anytime Stanley is seen doing crossword puzzles.
Rule 10: Anytime Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration is mentioned.
Rule 11: Anytime Meredith drinks or appears drunk.
Rule 12: Anytime Angela shows/talks about cats.
Rule 13: Anytime anyone mentions Oscar being gay.
Rule 14: Anytime Kevin says nice or does a pound followed by an explosion.
Rule 15: Anytime Kelly goes on a long talk and no one responds.
Rule 16: Anytime Darryl gets frustrated with Micheal.
Rule 17: Anytime Toby gets made fun of by Micheal.
Rule 18: Anytime Micheal brings up unnecessarily that he had sex with a girl.
Rule 19: Anytime Creed talks because well lets face it, Creed is awesome.
Rule 20: Anytime someone says "That's What She Said".

When Rule 20 is said, this constitutes a social and everyone must finish their drink.

Now this show is easily the best on T.V., hands down, so I thought I share some hilarious clips of my five favorite characters:

1) Andy "The Nard Dog: Bernard

2)Creed Bratton

3) Stanley Hudson

4) The Temp

5) Dwight K. Schrute

Just like to point out in no way does this website condone underage drinking and my boys actually copyrighted this game, so don't bother trying to take credit for it.

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