Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pizza at gyms?

Said David"I go to a gym and I won't lie... I eat whatever when ever I want. People go to the gym to lose weight, put muscle on, or just to get in shape right? The gym I go to and this is not a joke.... SERVES PIZZA (all kinds of pizza) ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH!!!! A gym to become fit and healthy puts pizza in front of you. That is not even the worst part, the pizza is free free FREE free Free spear FREEEEEEEE! This gym puts FREE all you can eat pizza in front of fat peoples faces. I have a question, Does that seem odd to anyone? Thats like a dentist saying here is all you can drink soda, it's like a doctor saying here is all you can smoke smokes. It is so funny to me and I had to share."

P.S. Twister Bobby Orr sucks and he played fo the Burins.

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  1. said david, Yes the Bruins suck, but ROBERT GORDON ORR IS AWESOME. Even coming from a red wings fan, he is better than mr. "I suited up for a game at 75" Howe.