Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday OJ

I know alot of people out there hate Orenthal James Simpson, but I think he is awesome. So I'd like to congratulate him on his 62nd birthday. He was an amazing talent, sadly he went to the University of Spoiled Children, he did win the heisman trophy. Orenthal was awesome and HE DIDN'T KILL NOBODY!! OJ'S INNOCENT I TELL YA, INNOCENT!! And his recent trouble with the law is just ridiculous because he just wanted his stuff back man. He signed it, it's his stuff. Those guys with them set him up. Another thing isn't it kinda strange that 13 years to the DAY that he was found innocent of murder, he was found guilty on all those charges? It's a conspiracy i tell ya. He was set up hardcore. So hopefully today on his birthday, Orenthal James simspon had a great day and my wish for him is one day to have his name cleared.

Happy Birthday Orenthal!!

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